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Shane Bassett

Our School

Dear Families,

Welcome to Gilbert Heights, the home of the Mustangs!

Our first priority at Gilbert Heights Elementary School is to do our best to help your student experience academic, social, and emotional growth. To this end, we have established a learning atmosphere where safety, respect and responsibility are the norm. We also adhere to a growth mindset, which means that we believe that each child can learn to high levels and that it is our job as a school to ensure that every child does. We teach children to also have a growth mindset about their own learning, and to work hard to do their best each day. Our goal is to always ensure that your student receives the academic, social, and emotional support that they need to do their best and to thrive at school.

Since you are your student’s first teachers, we are pleased to have you as partners in meeting that goal. We hope that you will feel at home at Gilbert Heights and that you actively participate in our school community. There are a number of actions you can take as family members to begin partnering with us right away:

+ Review the Mustang Mailbag Newsletter every other week.

+ Check your student’s Wednesday Folder, and this website weekly.

+ Join the Heights In Action Booster Club

+ Serve as a classroom volunteer or a field trip chaperone. Start by filling out the David Douglas Volunteer Application.

+ Offer your thoughts and opinions to our Site Council for School Improvement

+ Call your student’s teacher to discuss your student’s academic, social, and emotional needs and progress.

+ Plan to attend parent-teacher conferences in November and April.

+ Ensure your student has a full night’s sleep and is rested and ready for school.

+ Make sure that your student attends school from 9:00 am – 3:15 pm every day.

Everything you can do to help your students is always appreciated. At Gilbert Heights, we see it as a privilege to educate and care for your student. We believe that all of our students will find success if our school and your families work together to help them advance academically, socially, and emotionally. Thank you for helping us to make Gilbert Heights a continuously improving place to learn and grow!

We are looking forward to a great year!



Shane M. Bassett, Ed.D


Office Contacts

12839 SE Holgate Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97236

Fax: 503-261-8454

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Shane Bassett

Susan Hughes

Julie Keim

Records Clerk
Anna Arredondo

Health Assistant
Shelley Shearer 


15-16 Site Council Standing Agenda

November 12, 2015


  1. Review Norms

– 3:35-4:30 in Library

– Use standard note-taking form

– Stay engaged/focused/on-topic

– Use technology responsibly

– Read prepared agenda before meeting

– Use consensus decision-making (with polling/majority vote if there is an impasse)

  1. Presentations/Discussions

– Principal – Needs Assessment: Presentation of Staff Priorities

– Principal – Needs Assessment: 15-16 SBAC Data/Attendance/EasyCBM

– Principal – By-law revisions

– Karen Pollard – Parent Compact revisions

  1. Public Comment

– None received – members of the public can sign-up at the meeting itself

  1. Action Items

– Elect Officers: Chair, Facilitator, Recorder, Time-Keeper, Treasurer

– Approve revised by-laws

– Approve revised 15-16 Parent Compact

– Approve note-taking form

  1. Professional Development Requests

– None at this time

  1. Set Future Agenda Items
  1. Assign Tasks
  1. Time/Place Of Next Meeting