Connect to Kindergarten

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Image has David Douglas logo and says Connect to Kindergarten: an event for 2022-23 kindergarteners and their families.


It’s time to prepare for kindergarten! Each spring we hold a special event for families who have a child beginning kindergarten in the fall. The evening gives students and families the chance to meet school staff, become familiar with their school and learn the next steps in beginning kindergarten.

At Connect to Kindergarten, families will have the opportunity to meet the school’s principal and kindergarten teachers. They’ll also learn more about their school and topics such as registration, absences, riding the school bus and how to prepare for the start of kindergarten.

We can’t emphasize enough how helpful participation in this event is to both families and elementary schools. Connect to Kindergarten helps children become excited and comfortable with starting school as well as gives parents the opportunity to ask questions. Also, participation helps schools project enrollment numbers and prepare the classroom for your student.

2022-23 Kindergarten Registration is Open

Registration is open now! We are currently accepting online registration for incoming kindergarteners. Our goal is to have all kindergarten students registered by the beginning of June. In addition to allowing your child time to become familiar with their school and teacher, enrolling early gives our staff time to prepare the classroom for your child! Learn more and register here.