Gilbert Heights Elementary Staff

Meet the administrators, teachers, and support staff who make help mold all the young minds at Gilbert Heights!

Kim Anderson,  School Counselor
This is my second year at Gilbert Heights, and my 9th year in the David Douglas School District.  I enjoy working with students teaching whole class lessons, leading small groups and spending individual time getting to know how I can help.  When I am not at school you will find me spending time with my family camping, boating, playing volleyball and other games.
You can reach me at:
Voicemail: 503-256-6500 ext. 5117
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Alisha Archer, Kindergarten Assistant
 This is my 7th year as a kindergarten assistant. It is such a joy working with these new students and their families. My kids, Cody, Ethan and Julia have all graduated from David Douglas High School. When I’m not at school, I love to cook for my family and go hiking or long walks. I’m excited to get to know many new faces this year! You can contact me at

Laura Arreola, ELD Instructional Assistant
This is my 5th year as a Bilingual Spanish Speaking Instructional Assistant at Gilbert Heights. I love working with the students and staff at Gilbert Heights. During my free time I love exploring  the outdoors. If you need help in Spanish, you can reach me through
Phone: 503-256-6502 Ext 1823

Este es mi quinto año como asistente de instrucción bilingüe en Gilbert Heights. Me encanta trabajar con los estudiantes y el personal de Gilbert Heights. Durante mi tiempo libre me encanta explorar la naturaleza Si necesitan ayuda en español me pueden contactar por medio de
Correo electrónico:
Teléfono: 503-256-6502 Ext 1823

Kristin Burchell, 2nd Grade Teacher
Hi everyone! I have taught for 25 years, all at Gilbert Heights. I have taught fourth, third, and second grades. I have a son who is sixteen and a daughter who is fifteen. They go to Mt. View High School. My husband is also a teacher in the district, and has been a substitute principal at Gilbert Heights a few times. I love books and reading; I am learning to cook more interesting meals; and I can’t wait to get to travel again! I am looking forward to a unique school year, and to working with you. You can reach me at or by phone  (503) 256-6502 ext. 5106

Patty Diaz, ELD Instructional Assistant

Maria Eldon, Language Development Specialist
This is my sixth year at GH as the Language Development Specialist. I love helping teachers to support our students that speak other languages! In my non-work time I enjoy spending time with my husband, our 3 year old and 5 month old, getting outdoors and exploring our city!
My email is:

Amy Fennell, 3rd Grade Teacher
I am a 3rd grade teacher here at Gilbert Heights but have also taught 4th and 5th grades.  I enjoy supporting my students and cheering them on in any way possible.  I have worked at Gilbert Heights since 2003 and have been in a teaching role since 2006.  I enjoy knitting, Harry Potter, coffee and puzzles.  Please know that I will do my best to support you in the absolute best way!! Please feel free to reach out if you need anything or 503-256-6502 ext 5104

Maria Flukinger, Assistant Cook

Shelly Gibson, Instructional Assistant
Hello Mustangs! This will be my 4th year working with small reading and math groups from kindergarten through 5th grade. I love getting to know and support students in all grade levels. I also like smiles, jokes and hugs! When I’m not at Gilbert Heights, you can find me traveling to new places, reading, hiking, camping or enjoying the Oregon Coast (it’s my happy place). I look forward to working with you this year! You can reach me at

Phillip Hurley, Music Teacher

Steve Kephart, Kindergarten Teacher

Haleb Loul, Special Education/Resource Teacher
This is my second year at Gilbert Heights! You can reach me at

Katherine Macomber, 1st Grade Teacher
 I have been teaching kindergarten for David Douglas for 17 years. This year I have moved up to first grade. I am very excited to start at a new grade level. I have been married for 39 years. I have 3 grown children, 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandson. I love dogs so of course we have 4 little ones. My favorite thing to do is play with my grandchildren and dogs. You can reach me at or by phone 503-256-6500 ext 5113

Julie Munstenteiger, 2nd Grade Teacher
This is my 27th year of teaching – all in the David Douglas School District! I have taught a ½ blend, a ¾ blend, 3rd grade and 2nd grade. My husband is also a teacher in David Douglas, teaching 6th grade Math and Science at Alice Ott Middle School. I love to travel, try new recipes, spend time by the water and be with my family and friends. I am here to help support you and your child this school year! You can reach me  or (503)-256-6502 ext 5133

Madeline Ragozzino, 1st Grade Teacher

Margie Rolly, Kindergarten Assistant

Chad Smeltzer, Physical Education Teacher

Donelle Sokolov, ELD Instructional Assistant
I have been working at GH since 2003 as an Instructional Assistant.  Before that I lived and taught English in Russia for six years.  I enjoy reading and traveling.  I really appreciate working with our English Language Learner newcomers and facilitating math groups for our growing mathematicians at GH. I can be reached via email

Jessica Somers, 3rd Grade Teacher
I have had the pleasure of being part of the Gilbert Heights’ family for the past 15 years. I began my career in Education as a student teacher in 2005, then spent the following 8 years teaching 1st grade. This is my 7th year teaching 3rd grade and I absolutely adore this grade-level. For me, teaching is more than a job, it is truly my passion. I thrive on seeing my students grow socially, emotionally and academically. The genuine relationships I build with my students inspire me and keep me going year after year. In my spare time I love anything to do with water, sun and nature in general. I love music and concerts, travel and exploring the PNW as much as possible. Email: Phone: 503-256-6502 ext. 5203

Liz Sterry, 2nd Grade Teacher
I have been teaching at Gilbert Heights for 19 years.  When I am not teaching I love spending time with my husband and grandson. I compete in many dog sports. My favorite is agility.  My email address is

Todd Strobel, 4th Grade
I have been teaching at GH for 16 years and I work with a fantastic group of educators all dedicated to supporting and empowering students to grow into caring, capable people. I have three children: two adult age and a 12 year old daughter that keeps us all on our toes. I love the outdoors and we do many activities outside like bike riding, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, disc golfing, and camping. We love yummy food and discovering new places to eat. We love to travel around the world and look forward to our next trip abroad. You can contact me at:

Abby Underwood, 4th Grade
Hello! This is my 7th year teaching, and 2nd year at Gilbert Heights. I’ve been on an extremely extended maternity leave (two years) and look forward to teaching again! In my free time I love to read, craft, bake, go on long walks, and spend time with my family. I’m really looking forward to getting to know my new students and their families during this unique school year!I can be reached via email or phone (503) 256-6502 ext.3766

Heather Valadez, Kindergarten Assistant
This is my 7th year at GH working in Kindergarten! You can email me at

Spencer Valadez, Elementary Lab Tech
This is my 3rd year at GH and 8th in the district. I love the Oakland Athletics and the Portland Timbers RCTID! I also love working in the computer lab helping guide students in their understanding of Technology! You can reach me via email at

Jeanne Walker, Assistant Cook

Heidi Wilson, Library/Media Assistant
 I am the Library Media Specialist at Gilbert Heights. I am passionate about literacy and reading! I believe that learning should be fun, and reading is a fundamental part of learning! My goal is to connect kids with books they will love. I want the library to be a cool place students look forward to coming to, and a place for them to indulge in (or discover) their love of books and reading! Please feel free to reach out to me at: or phone: 503-256-6500, ext. 8941

Shelby Winchester, 2nd Grade Teacher
This is my 7th year teaching and my first year teaching second grade. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have two kids, Oliver is three years old and Eloise is one.. We love exploring parks, visiting the zoo and baking yummy treats. You can reach me at or 503-256-6502 ext. 3748.

Sarah Wolfgang, Student Achievement Specialist
This is my 14th year teaching and my 12th at Gilbert Heights. I taught 4th grade for 7 years but now I work to support students and teachers as the Student Achievement Specialist. If you need to reach me, my email is:

Mila Yurchenko, Assistant Cook