Important School Information

Daily ScheduleMonday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday
Wednesday – Late Start
Office Hours7:30 am-4:15 pm7:30 am-4:15 pm
Bus Pick-UpAs scheduledOne hour later than scheduled
Doors Open & Breakfast Served8:40am9:40am
Classrooms Open9:00am10:00am
Classes Begin9:10am10:10am
Official Tardy Bell9:15am10:15am
Classes End3:30pm3:30pm


+ Bus Riders – Arrive and dismiss from gym at BACK of school. Cars not allowed in this arrival/dismissal area.
+ Car Riders – Arrive and dismiss from FRONT of school in the pick-up/drop-off area.
+ Walkers – Students walking to/from school must use the crosswalks where the Safety Patrol volunteers are working. Look for their bright vests and flags. Students can walk from the FRONT or BACK entrance.
+ There is only one possible lane of traffic in the FRONT drop-off and pick-up area.
+ If your student’s afternoon transportation plans change, call the office (503-256-6502) before 2:45pm.

Student Safety/Visitors:

+ Arrival – Please sign-in at the front office and receive a badge if you want to escort your student to the classroom.
+ Dismissal – please wait outside for students to exit the building.
+ Our doors are locked from 9:15am to 3:30pm. There is a buzz-in system that is installed to the right of the main doors.
+ All visitors during school hours must sign-in at the office to get a visitor badge and must wear the badge while in the building.
+ All classroom visits must be scheduled in advance with your student’s teacher.
+ Students can play on the playgrounds after 4:00 pm, on the weekends, and during holidays. Playgrounds are closed at sunset, at night, and before school.


+ Students learn best when they are in their classrooms for the entire day – from 9:15am until 3:30pm.
+ We track student attendance and will send letters and make phone calls home to encourage strong attendance.
+ Unless you have a family emergency, please make sure your child attends school from 9:15am until 3:30pm.
+ Students will be marked as tardy after 9:15 am.
+ Students will not be released early from class (between 2:45pm and 3:30pm) unless you call our office before 2:30 pm.
+ Please call when your student is absent to report and excuse the absence (503-256-6502). If we do not receive a call, we will be calling you to ensure your child is safe at home.

SUN Program:

+ Our school’s SUN program is staffed by the IRCO organization.
+ The after school program will run from 3:30pm to 5:30pm Monday – Thursday. Student schedule will vary depending on class availability.
+ SUN will also offer short-term special classes such as Chess Club, Cheer Club, Reading Club.
+ Look for the SUN registration information in your students’ Wednesday Take Home Folder.
+ SUN Coordinator – Josh Love 503-256-6502 ex: 5107

Volunteer with the SMART reading programs in David Douglas next year!

Support children’s literacy in our community and inspire a love of books and reading. As a Site Coordinator, you’ll work with the school staff to schedule students and volunteers, and provide program oversight during reading sessions. Just three to five hours a week will make a significant contribution at Gilbert Heights Elementary.  SMART is fun and further encourages children to read outside the classroom by giving them new books each month to take home and keep. Training is provided and the program will run through mid-May. If interested in learning more, visit the SMART website or call 971-634-1603.

Cyber bullying/Facebook/Social Media and your Kids:

“I want a Facebook!” If you have not heard these words from your child yet, get ready because chances are that you will. However, no matter how ready you are the real question is, “Is my child ready for Facebook, Instagram or other social media?” Instant communication, written words and opinions that can’t be taken back, pictures that, once posted, are in cyberspace for all of eternity, “friends” who they may have never met in real life and who may or may not be who they really claim to be. All of this, on their phones or computers, happening at Internet speed that is hard for us, as parents, to monitor.

The law and Facebook/Instagram policy state that a child must be 13 before having an account.This policy is there for a reason. As adults we usually have the skills to know when a conversation is turning negative and to gracefully change the subject or exit the conversation. We understand appropriate and inappropriate things to say, and we are clear on who we are saying them to. We know that a photo on the Internet exists forever. Children don’t know these things, they don’t have those skills and they make bad choices that could affect other’s opinions of them and their reputations for a very long time.

We worry about the kids in our children’s classes, who they sit next to, who they play with at recess and whether their self-esteem and feelings can survive all of those interactions. I can tell you that, as the school counselor at Gilbert Heights, I have always worked with kids on those issues but lately I am dealing more and more with problems that originated on Facebook. Mean things said, pictures shared without permission, inappropriate comments on someone’s page are things I hear about daily

So, when you as yourself the question, “Is my child ready for Facebook, Instagram or other social media?” You also need to ask yourself if EVERY one of their friends is also ready and the answer is probably no. Stay strong, quote the law and if you need to, tell them that their school doesn’t think social media is appropriate for kids their age. We will happily be the ‘bad guy’ if it saves your child the pain of cyber bullying.

Gilbert Heights Counselor