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Video: Proceso de regreso a la escuela – Spanish
Video: Tiến trình để trở lại trường học – Vietnamese
视频:返回学校的程序 – Mandarin
视频:返回学校的程序 –  Cantonese
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Видео: возвращение к обучению в школе – Russian


To provide the safest environment possible for our students and staff, only students and staff will  be allowed inside the building during in-person instruction. Please remember that for everyone’s  health and safety, it is required to remain masked and physically distanced while on school  grounds. Please do not congregate. 

Kids in masks arriving to school.


Parent Drop Off and Walkers  
• Students are welcome on campus beginning at 8:50 a.m. 
• The doors to the building will be open at 9:00 a.m. 
• Students who are dropped off or walk must line up in their designated meeting spot.
• Most classes will be under the covered area on the blacktop. 
• Classes on the lower level with an external door will line up outside, in front of their  classroom door. 
• Students who are dropped off or walking will not be allowed to enter the back gym building.  They must come to the front of the building to their designated meeting spot.
• Students will be escorted to their classrooms by a staff member. 
• All students will be given hand sanitizer as they enter the building. 
• As students enter the building visual screenings will be conducted for symptoms of COVID-19.
• Students displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will go directly to the Symptom Room to have their  temperature taken (Please see Health Room & Symptom Room Procedures). 


Car Pick Up  
• Parents driving to pick up students will be asked to wait in their cars while students are being  escorted to their designated arrival/dismissal meeting spot. 
• A staff member will ask for student(s) name(s) and call for them to come to the car.
• To assist staff in keeping proper distancing and safety precautions, we ask parents to not park and  exit their car unless directed to do so by a school staff member.  

• Parents walking to pick up student(s), are asked to wait on the island in the middle of the parking  lot. 
• A staff member will be waiting with walking students to dismiss them.

Student in mask boarding a School Bus.


Coming to School:

Loading at Bus Stops  
• Students will wear proper face coverings on the bus and at bus stops at all times. 
• The bus driver will conduct a visual screening for COVID-19 symptoms as each boards the bus.
• If a student exhibits symptoms and a parent/guardian is present the student will be sent home.
• If a parent is not present the student will be seated in the first row in a seat at least 6 feet from other students, and transported to school. Drivers will contact the school en-route if they picked  up a symptomatic student. School staff will contact the parent/guardian to arrange transport  home.  
• Students first on the bus will sit in the back of the bus, filling from back to front. 
• Physical distancing will be accomplished with one student per seat to minimize risk of exposure. 
• Every other bus window will be down at least 4 inches to provide fresh air circulation. 
• Please encourage children to dress for the weather.  

Unloading at School  
• Students will remain in their seat until directed by the driver.  
• Students will be released by the driver, row by row.  
• Each row shall fully exit the bus before the next row of students are dismissed.
• Driver shall release rows from front to back of the bus.  
• If a student has exhibiting symptoms, they will be the first off the bus and met by school staff.
• Students will form a social distanced line and be escorted into the building by a staff member.
• Busses will be released one at a time to adhere to social distance guidelines and to prevent  congestion in the building.  

Going Home:

Loading at School  
• The office will dismiss bus riders as busses arrive. Calling each bus number.
• Students will social distance in the hallway while walking to bus.  
• Physical distancing markers will encourage adequate spacing while waiting to board the bus. 
• The driver will verify the student on the contact-log for that ride. 
• Students will board in order of seating assignments to the extent possible [given that afternoon  routes differ from morning routes]. 
• Students will be assigned a seat on the bus to support students exiting the bus from the front  rows to the back rows in avoidance of student contact while off loading. 

Unloading at Bus Stops  
• Seating assignments will generally allow for unloading from the front rows to the back rows to  avoid student contact while off loading.  
• Drivers will remind students to maintain physical distance as they depart the bus. District staff  will coordinate with student case managers to ensure all students have access to school and that  their individual needs are met.

Google Map Image of how Parents are to drop off students while maintaining Covid Guidelines.